Expand the possibilities by choosing a sustainable energy source

Stand out by making your connected object smarter by embracing sustainable energy and lead your product into the heart of the energy transition.

We want to push the world of energy harvesting beyond the limits of current energy supplies

Our solution can take any shape, even adapting to the smallest imaginable format. It can be customized all the way up to the very composition of each individual layer of the photovoltaic module in order to respond to a diversity of applications , environmental sensors, remote controls, switches…

Supporting most advanced communication protocol

Stand out by making your connected object smarter by embracing sustainable energy and get into the heart of the energy transition.



Smart Home

Industrial IOT


Smart City



Smart Building

Millions of connected objects can be powered by our products in a sustainable and economical way

Covering a wide energy spectrum

Our industrial process allows us to adapt the energy supply to your needs, guaranteeing the best performance over the long term.

Leaded by a strong management team, with scientific and technological expertise, and a clear business mindset

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Up to 3V, 210µA and 609µW under 1000 lux to perform all your tests.


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The kit includes an evaluation board made with e-peas : AEM10941, and our organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology by inkjet printing – LAYER®.


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The most frequently asked questions

What kind of devices LAYER® can power

LAYER® can power any type of ultra-low power devices. Devices such as IoTs, wearables and other electronics requesting an ultra-low power might be considered. We target markets such as Smart-home, Tracking, Smart-Building, Smart-Cards, Industrial IoT and health.

When I need to throw the OPV in thrash, how to handle it ? Where to dispose it ?

One of the great advantages of LAYER® technology is its manufacturing process. We use bio-based conductive inks, specifically carbon-based materials. In addition, inkjet printing allows us to drastically reduce the amount of material used (1g of material to produce 1 square meter of surface). Our objective is to increase the lifespan of connected objects (Up to 10 years) while reducing their environmental impact. Dracula Technologies’ Research&Development team is working every single day to develop LAYER® to further reduce its environmental impact (currently estimated at 0.35 years energy payback time - 10.7 g C02-eq/kWH).

Is LAYER® already in mass production ? Do you have examples to share yet ?

We are about to move to mass production in 2023 with a target of several million units per year. Some customers are however already supplied with low volumes. 

Hoes does the cost of LAYER® compared to batteries ?

Currently, the use of batteries to power devices places significant constraints on this development (Maintenance problems, environmental footprint and development constraints). Using LAYER® technology can reduce by 4 times your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) then reducing battery maintenance, improving the design of connected devices and increasing product lifetime.