Light As Your Energetic Response

Dracula Technologies has created LAYER®, a printed technology which generates energy from ambient light. LAYER® is the world’s 1st shaped OPV. Our technology is based on a unique OPV cell manufacturing technique using digital printing.

In the same way that an office printer uses graphic ink to print, we print our LAYER® modules using functional ink that we have formulated ourselves.

Our Expertise

The expertise gained over the years by Dracula Technologies has led to the creation of several tools in order to design tailored LAYER® modules. We developed a monitoring system able to qualify the light intensity related to a specific position. The use of photodetector cells makes it possible to evaluate the lighting conditions in which the device is found. The tracker’s observations are linked with a modelling software associated with a test bench in order to better address your needs. Indeed, our test bench is able to reproduce light cycle and exposure situation to different incidence angle and different lighting conditions.

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