Light As Your Energetic Response

Dracula Technologies has created LAYER®, a printed technology which generates energy from ambient light. LAYER® is the world’s 1st shaped Organic Photovoltaic Cells. Our technology is based on a unique manufacturing technique using digital printing. In the same way that an office printer uses graphic ink, we print our LAYER® modules using functional ink that we have formulated ourselves.


LAYER® generates energy from ambient light because we use specific materials which harvest both natural and artificial light.


Inkjet printing makes it possible to produce shapes or specific designs and print LAYER® on flexible supports which follow the curves.


To formulate our photo active inks, only organic materials are used. Moreover, LAYER® does not require rare earth elements.

Our Expertise

We developed a Light Monitoring System able to qualify the light intensity related to a specific position. The measures are linked with a modeling software in order to better address your needs.

Finally, our test bench is able to reproduce light cycle and exposure situation to different incidence angle and different lighting conditions.

About us

We are Dracula Technologies, a deep tech start-up experts in digital printed OPV cells and Inventor of LAYER® technology. For years, our development engineers and professors have worked closely with our scientific and strategic committees that include Academics and Industrialists. Dracula Technologies is supported by InnoEnergy, Dassault Systems and Airbus. Our technology has led to several patents and we have been awarded during the last Hello Tomorrow Challenge in Paris.

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