Large-scale industrialization
with our
Green Micropower Factory

Stepping into a new phase, Dracula Technologies emerges as an industrial leader, committed to driving the energy transition for ultra-low-power devices across expansive industries.

*Rehabilitating a brownfield site to support French reindustrialisation

The largest OPV modules
production plant worldwide

Dracula Technologies

We are committed to transforming the way low-power devices are powered for the wellbeing of humanity and the planet. The opening of our factory in Valence, France, marks a major step in our transition to the large-scale industrial production of OPV modules.

Specialized in manufacturing LAYER®

Our patented sustainable OPV low-light energy-harvesting solution crafted with organic inkjet printing precision, this production plant has been operational since January 2024. It significantly upscales LAYER®’s production and supports our clients' deployment of battery-free devices.

World's largest factory

By creating the world's largest factory dedicated exclusively to the production of OPV modules, we are ready to respond to the expected market expansion. Indeed, by 2025*, it is expected that over 21.5 billion connected objects will have been installed worldwide (the IoT market will be worth $1,567 billion).

*Source : IoT Analytics

15 million euros invested

2500 plant surface

150 million cm² printed surface produced per year

+100 jobs created (operators, technicians, engineers)

Dracula Technologies is ready to scale its production capacity to several tens of millions of square centimeters of OPV per year, which solidifies its position as the preferred partner for low-energy electronics power supply.

Brice Cruchon | CEO
Brice Cruchon | CEODracula Technologies
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This new factory significantly expands our production capacity, ensuring we meet the growing customer demands by delivering customized solutions in high volume.

A real positive impact on our planet

The Green Micropower Factory reflects Dracula Technologies’ commitment to reimagining capturing light as a viable energy source for low-power devices. It forges a sustainable energy landscape for connected applications.

Thanks to our Green Micropower Factory

An ambitious roadmap to meet the growth
of the OPV market

Green Micropower Factory, winner of the “Première Usine” 2030 call for projects


This large-scale installation strengthens Dracula Technologies’ position as a leader in renewable energy.

By accelerating the manufacturing of LAYER®, Dracula Technologies is actively advancing the energy transition, thereby playing a pivotal role in the decarbonization of the industrial sector in France.

In recognition of its commitment, Dracula Technologies has recently won the “First Factory” project, an initiative aligned with France’s industrialization strategy (France 2030), receiving a total funding of 5 million euros from the French government.


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New Press Release! Dracula Technologies Announces Successful Production Qualification of its New Green Micropower OPV Factory

The Green Micropower Factory, a cutting-edge, fully automated facility, is the world’s largest dedicated to producing OPV modules using our sustainable, patented organic inkjet printing technique.