Empower your low-power
devices with LAYER®

The solution for battery-free indoor devices

80 million batteries discarded worldwide every day by 2025 (30 billion per year)!

Currently, only 40% of these batteries are recycled – an environmental disaster. In response to this problem, the European Union is tightening its regulations on the use of batteries in devices. The IoT industry is being forced to evolve to free itself from this dependence on batteries.

*Source : CORDIS – EU research results

Our solution presents an alternative sustainable energy source.

By harvesting light, LAYER® powers a wide range of low-energy electronic devices.

Asset tracking & geo location

Is your product designed to track packages, containers or even animals?

With LAYER®, flexible, lightweight organic photovoltaic modules (OPV), you can transform your tracking solution into a fully autonomous, uninterrupted, and environmentally friendly one.

Smart home

Specializing in the production of smart-home devices ?

LAYER® provides an alternative to batteries for all your home sensors: remotes control, keyboards, thermostat, infrared cameras, digital door locks… and more.

Our solution harvests ambient light in homes to powers IoT devices.

Free your customers from the worry of frequent battery replacements while making your business more environmentally friendly.

Smart building

Are you manufacturing sensors for buildings, such as CO2 sensors, infrared cameras, energy management systems, people counters, temperature or humidity sensors, smoke detectors, and more ?

You are undoubtedly aware that these sensors require frequent battery replacements, causing constraints in terms of time and money for your clients. This tedious process involves the intervention of external service providers, the purchase of new batteries, incurring significant costs.

LAYER® makes your customer’s life easier.

Our solution offers a reliable and efficient alternative, guaranteeing a minimum lifespan of 10 years for IoT devices.

I have a specific project that doesn’t fit into these markets...

Your product doesn’t belong to these markets, but operates indoors (or outdoors in a shaded area) and has low energy consumption?
Let us show you that when it comes to light, the possibilities are endless.

LAYER® seamlessly integrates into all device designs. We have developed various OPV modules for a multitude of applications, offering unique features in terms of voltage, shape, and size.

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Test your concept with a Demokit
or an Evaluation Kit


Efficiently test indoor low-power wireless applications with our Demokit, ideal for offices and homes, featuring a photovoltaic module generating up to 3V, 210µA, 609µW under 1000 lux.
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Evaluation kit

Explore our evaluation kit with organic photovoltaic modules, including Demokit 6 and e-peas board 2EAE10941C00, for a direct experience of LAYER® technology.
Order now for 99€
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