We are Dracula Technologies
and we have a vision

Revolutionize the way we power devices through LAYER®.

A passionate team

Together with a team of 35 multidisciplinary and multicultural employees, we work every day to make LAYER® the reference in the world of light energy harvesting.

The figures speak for themselves

employees in 2018
employees in 2022
employees in January 2024

We aim to reach one hundred
employees by 2026

Led by a strong management team, with
scientific expertise and a clear business mindset

Dracula Technologies is led by a dynamic, multi-disciplinary management team made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills, united by a shared vision of a sustainable future where energy comes from light.

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Brice Cruchon
Frame 684 (1)
Sadok Ben Dhkil (PhD)
Frame 683 (1)
Jérôme Vernet
VP Sales

Our Values


Every professional relationship we establish is built on trust, honesty, transparency, and mutual respect. To us. integrity, means acting justly, even when no one is watching. You are in the right place if these convictions resonate with you.


To reach the top, we aspire to excellence and rigor of the highest order. If you’re passionate about ambitious goals that can be reached with work of great quality, then you’ve come to the right place.

Cohesion & pleasure at work

We promote a positive atmosphere, simplicity, and joy. Together, we celebrate our successes. If you enjoy humor and sharing at work, you’re welcome to join us !


At Dracula Technologies, solidarity is evident in every project, every challenge, and every success. If, like us, solidarity is a key element for you, you’ve come to the right place.


In our philosophy, responsibility is not reserved for leaders alone. Each member of our team plays a crucial role with significant responsibilities.

We cultivate an environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute, take initiatives, and demonstrate leadership to achieve common goals. If you share these values, join us on our journey.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities throughout our recruitment process. Every application is carefully assessed, without distinction of age, gender, religion, skin color, nationality, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

We create an inclusive working environment, respectful of diversity, where everyone is recognized and valued.

Want to join our team ?

What it’s like to be at Dracula Technologies

When you join Dracula Technologies, you become a vampire.

You’ll be part of a very diverse team, in terms of age, culture and background, where we’re all united by the desire to experience the development of this highly ambitious project.

You’ll be joining a team that’s easy to laugh with and that likes to get into mischief; a team that’s moving forward, that’s humane and in which every member plays a part in the development of the project.

They share their experience with you

Our advantages

At Dracula Technologies, we ensure that every employee finds their balance.

Our induction plan ensures that your arrival is as complete and relaxed as possible. A welcome booklet will help you find your bearings.

With the exception of management positions, our employees enjoy a 4,5 day workweek.

Working at Dracula Technologies means being trained internally by our peers or by outside contributors.

Be assured of career development, because our growth will generate new job opportunities.

At Dracula Technologies, you are listened to and heard thanks to our policy of regular interviews.

Benefit from attractive financial advantages, such as luncheon vouchers, bonuses rewarded for the achievement of individual and collective objectives, and a contribution to travel expenses.

We like to get together to celebrate successes and share festive moments, all in a convivial atmosphere. Every quarter, our ritual “Golden Hour*” brings us together to review progress and upcoming projects.

*Golden hour: the golden hour is the best time to take the ideal photo, after sunrise and before sunset. For Dracula Technologies, a Golden Hour is the right time to do great things.

You’ll benefit from an attractive health insurance plan, and half of the employer’s contribution to our provident cover.

Dracula Technologies thrives on the active participation of its crew. As a newly established mission-driven company, our commitment to the team, the product and our ecosystem is enshrined in our bylaws and supported by a voluntary working group. Join this adventure where your contribution is encouraged and essential to propose new initiatives.

Ready ?

Become a Vampire

Take part in an incredible adventure with passionate colleagues.

P.O.C. Project Manager
From 47 700 €/year | Electronics engineer | First experience required
Maintenance Technician
From 25 550 €/year | Bac +2 | First experience required
Process Engineer – Back end et Front end
From 34 900 €/year | Bac +5 / Master’s degree | First experience required
Laboratory Operator
23 400€/ year | Bac | First experience required
Laboratory technician
From 24000€/year | Bachelor‘s degree Physical Measurement or Chemistry minimum | First experience required
Dracula Technologies

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New Press Release! Dracula Technologies Announces Successful Production Qualification of its New Green Micropower OPV Factory

The Green Micropower Factory, a cutting-edge, fully automated facility, is the world’s largest dedicated to producing OPV modules using our sustainable, patented organic inkjet printing technique.