We created LAYER®

A technology that converts ambiant light, natural or artificial, into electricity. LAYER® is optimized to obtain best performances from 5 to 1000 lux (corresponding to emergency exit dim light to supermarket high light).

Working temperature

-30°C to 40°C


bending radius 2 cm


to protect from O2 and H2O

Long term stability

≈ 10 years (indoor condition)

Organic solution

From carbon based
molecules and polymers

Light weight

0,04 g/cm²

Atmospheric pressure

550 to 1000 hPa

Freedom of design


Green solution

No toxic materials
No halogenated solvents
No toxic waste
High recyclable rate


We are the 1st leading inkjet Printed Organic Photovoltaic Product

We are the first in the world to print with photovoltaic ink. With more than 10 years of experience, from the laboratory to the industrial stage.

LAYER® : Light As Your Energetic Response

A fully digital printing method allows to produce LAYER® with freedom of design and high variety of dimensions. And with drop on demand process, there is less material waste compared to other printing and coating technologies.

Secured by a strong scientific background


Patents *pending patents



International partners and world-renowned labels

Expand the possibilities
by choosing a sustainable
energy source

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