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Dracula Technologies introduces the world’s first combination of low-light OPV energy harvesting and electrical storage on a single flexible film, set to transform the landscape of the electronics industry. Experience device autonomy with effortless recharging like never before.

Discover LAYER®Vault, a patented cost-effective solution crafted with Organic Photovoltaic inkjet technology, redefining autonomy and sustainability.

Tailored for ultra low-power electronics, excelling in low-light conditions.

Eliminate batteries in your devices now !

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78 million batteries powering IoT devices dumped globally DAILY by 2025

Source: EU CORDIS, EnABLES Study 2023

Manufacturers wrestle with the rising costs of batteries, environmental concerns, and the repercussions of waste. Simultaneously, end users strive to ensure long-lasting devices while reducing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

This directly challenges OEMs, systems integrators, EMS providers, and IoT solution providers. They must carefully assess the cost and time implications of eliminating batteries all the while navigating the tightening grip of environmental regulations. These factors impact product integration, operational scale and overall TCO.

Our revolutionary solution, combining low-light energy harvesting and storage, liberates industries from these challenges, ushering in a new era of eco-friendly autonomy.

The most sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the battery

Powered by ambient light, our two-layered LAYER® Vault provides complete energy autonomy to low-power electrical devices.

The innovative storage layer accumulates energy harvested from natural, artificial, direct, indirect, low-luminosity, and high-luminosity sources, with a special focus on indoor spaces.

This stored energy becomes invaluable during low-light periods, ensuring uninterrupted functionality, enabling unprecedented possibilities across IoT sectors like Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, Smart Asset Tracking, ESL, and Remote Control markets.

LAYER® Vault Benefits

Offers an infinite supply from renewable energy, resembling natural batteries. Its energy storage layer seamlessly pairs with the OPV harvesting substrate, capturing ambient light for low-power needs and storing energy for high-power demands in low-light periods.

By eliminating the need for batteries, LAYER®Vault significantly lowers both maintenance and replacement costs. Its custom design, tailored to the target sensor and application, optimizes surface production, generating and storing precisely the required power. The removal of pick-and-place operations during industrialization further reduces operational costs.

Our green energy source saves batteries, aligning with environmental goals. Dracula Technologies prioritizes organic and non-toxic materials and processes, bypassing battery regulations through sustainable OPV inkjet printing.

Transforms design and industrial production processes, simplifying operations and drastically reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for OEMs, device manufacturers, and IoT solution providers.

LAYER®Vault is well suited to power BLE, NFC devices with efficient OPV, enabling autonomy for IoT and ultra-low-power products.

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Brice Cruchon | CEO
Brice Cruchon | CEODracula Technologies
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At Dracula Technologies, our vision is to reshape the landscape of energy solutions, empowering industries with sustainability. We take great pride in pioneering a future where energy-autonomy, efficiency and environmental consciousness coexist. With LAYER® Vault, we not only address industry challenges but address a pivotal moment in the evolution of sustainable energy solutions.

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