Cost-effective and green energy for your IoT devices

LAYER® is the answer
to your needs

Free yourself from considerable battery costs!

Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements.

Reduce the form factor of your IoT device by eliminating batteries.

Become a company that truly helps the planet by choosing a sustainable solution.

Why LAYER® is the best energy
harvesting option for your solution

Thin, Flexible, Lightweight,
and Tailor-made

LAYER® adapts to the energy needs of your devices and various form factors, providing unparalleled customization options.

Compatible with various advanced communication protocols.

LAYER® features

Working Temperature

-30°C to 60°C

Freedom of design



0.30 mm

Light weight

0.04 g/cm²


To protect from O₂ and H₂O

Organic solution

From carbon based molecules and polymers


It collects photons
from front and back

Low cost

1.2 € per unit for MOQ > 100 Ku

Long-term stability

~ 10 years (indoor condition)

Green solution

No toxic materials
No toxic waste
No halogenated solvents
High recyclable rate

Is LAYER® adaptable to your environment?

LAYER® is designed to generate energy in a broad spectrum of indoor settings, regardless of whether they are lit by natural or artificial light sources. Our solution excels in interior spaces with light levels ranging from 5 to 15000 lux.

Reliable performance in
Low Light conditions

Trust LAYER® to deliver energy even in challenging low-light conditions, ensuring optimal operation at all times for a wide range of indoor applications.



Integrating LAYER® in your devices

Up to 80% lower
maintenance costs

LAYER® significantly reduces the maintenance and battery replacement costs of your solution.

Once installed, you don’t have to worry about your device for up to 10 years. We recently issued a study that compares battery-powered and OPV-powered solutions for IoT sensors, providing insights into the total cost implications of each solution.

Want to know how to significantly reduce costs?

60% less
environmental impact
with LAYER®

LAYER® frees you from traditional power sources, offering an eco-friendly alternative.

LAYER® harvests ambient and artificial light to power IoT devices, significantly minimizing environmental impact compared to conventional batteries.

We use organic conductive inks with carbon-based materials: no toxic materials, no heavy metals, no rare earths. The carbon payback period is reduced to just a few months.

Want to learn more about LAYER® CO2 emission ?

Defining the way low-power devices are powered

LAYER® integrates easily into a variety of sensors.

Remote control

Infrared camera

Motion sensor

Environment sensing board

Test your concept with a Demokit
or an Evaluation kit


Efficiently test indoor low-power wireless applications with our Demokit, ideal for offices and homes, featuring a photovoltaic module generating up to 3V, 210µA, 609µW under 1000 lux.
Buy now for 59€

Evaluation Kit

Explore our evaluation kit with organic photovoltaic modules, including Demokit 6 and e-peas board 2AAEM10941CDR1, for a direct experience of LAYER® technology.
Buy now for 99€

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Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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Total cost of ownership for

This numbers were calculated for 99 office(s) with a 11 year(s) period.

Without LAYER®

TCO for Battery-based solution (Classic)

624 687,50 €

One-off Investment

235 625,00 €

OPEX for total period

235 625,00 €


TCO for Battery-less solution (OPV)

378 437,50 € (624 687,50 €)

One-off Investment

235 625,00 €

OPEX for total period

235 625,00 €

39,4% lower costs (TCO)

Want to know more?

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Significantly Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your IoT Solution with LAYER®.

Battery-free, cost-effective.

Download our White Paper “TCO Comparison of Battery vs. OPV Powered IoT Sensors” and delve into the key differentiators between battery-powered and OPV-powered solutions for IoT sensors.