Energy Harvesting

With the spread of the Internet-of-Things, new problematics arise for the industrialists like battery limit, devices lifetime and cost of use related to the time and effort required for the implementation. LAYER® is efficient to answer these problematics by securing a power source for IoT and RFID.

Light As Your Energetic Response

Dracula Technologies has created LAYER®, a printed technology which generates energy from ambient light. LAYER® is the world’s 1st shaped Organic Photovoltaic Cells. Our technology is based on a unique manufacturing technique using digital printing. In the same way that an office printer uses graphic ink, we print our LAYER® modules using functional ink that we have formulated ourselves.


Energy from ambient light

LAYER® generates energy from ambient light because we use specific materials which harvest both natural and artificial light.


Inkjet printing makes it possible to produce shapes or specific designs and print LAYER® on flexible supports which follow the curves.


To formulate our photo active inks, only organic materials are used. Moreover, LAYER® does not require rare earth elements.


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