An alternative to the battery, the invention is French !


An alternative to the battery, the invention is French !

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Brice Cruchon, CEO of Dracula technologies invents a revolutionary concept: a mini sensor transmitting micro watts by capturing energy through ambient electricity. No more lithuim, everything is organic. He explains the product, the strategy, his employer brand, his search for 15 people.

LAYER: Light As Your Energetic Response is the new product that can power connected objects requiring micro-power with a lifetime of at least 10 years.
A revolution both for the building sector, which uses a lot of batteries, since these sensors are autonomous, and for the environment, since there are no more batteries.

After three rounds of financing, the last of which raised €5.5 million, Dracula Technologie is moving into the industrial phase to accelerate the distribution of this solution.

Finalist of the INPI Trophies, they have already filed more than 7 patents and plan to develop autonomous air quality measurement systems. Noticed at the CES in Las Vegas, they will return in January 2023.

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Illuminate your future with LAYER® Vault
Beyond batteries, beyond boundaries

Dracula Technologies introduces the world’s first combination of low-light OPV energy harvesting and electrical storage on a single flexible film, set to transform the landscape of the electronics industry.

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