Dracula Technologies finalizes an additional fundraising of 550,000 €.

Dracula Technologies has just raised nearly 550,000 euros on the WiSEED financing platform, in addition to the 1.9 million raised from the manufacturers MGI Digital Technology and Isra Cards.

Despite a complicated context and a financing period marked by confinement, this campaign was a real success.

Many testimonials of encouragement have marked us and encourage us to continue our efforts to make LAYER® the reference energy harvesting technology for powering indoor connected objects.

  • “I’m already a shareholder and I’m suing.”

    Albert D.

  • “I invested because I believe in the technology developed by Dracula and its market positioning. I would also like to salute the team who took the time to respond to each of the comments and questions on the forum with enthusiasm and pedagogy. How could a project led by such people not succeed? There seem to be many opportunities (IoT, cards, sensors, intelligent objects, advertising objects, signage, IT accessories…).”

    Marc A.

  • “The market for connected objects should explode, and Dracula Technologies’ LAYER technology should provide an interesting (economic and ecological) response to the problem of their energy supply”.

    Thibault L.

  • “Hello, I have been a shareholder since 2017 and I believe in this new technology. A reliable company with ambition. »

    Gregory A.

This additional financing will enable us to accelerate the pre-industrialization of our LAYER® technology and to finance recruitment for key positions.

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