Syscom-prorep X Dracula technologies

Syscom-prorep and Dracula technologies establish the basis of a collaboration to carry the colors of energy harvesting and ecology for energy autonomous electronics.

The French distributor of electronic components and Dracula technologies are working together to consolidate the offer around the Energy harvesting under the French flag but also today with the American Atmosic with whom both companies have already developed prototypes equipped with its PMIC.

With its very good knowledge of the French market, Syscom-prorep is not a distributor like the others. Its DNA often leads it to explore new technical proposals and innovations that make the world of tomorrow. The current crisis in electronic components also shows how distributors are pillars in the advice and electronic engineering to choose the right components and potential alternatives.

Dracula Technologies has emerged as the world’s leading manufacturer of organic and environmentally friendly printed sheet-fed photovoltaic modules. The performance of its modules in very low light environments today makes them an obvious choice for many innovations. The photovoltaic modules produce micro-power to supply enough energy to support communicating infrastructures, for example in LoraWan. Note that the latest technical developments in microcomponents allow to build more and more electronic objects autonomous in energy.

If an almost battery-free mode today is possible for devices with low energy consumption, it remains to disseminate the harvesting technology to the market players. The role of syscom-prorep takes its full dimension by bringing together the whole eco-system of components and the ecological energy brick represented by the unique Dracula technology.

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